Swamp Ass Awareness Day - Anti Monkey Butt

Swamp Ass Awareness

There’s a sticky, sweaty, elephant in the room we need to address. It’s here in the summer, the winter, at night, and during the day. It’s uncomfortable to talk about and to have in your nether regions.

It’s Swamp Ass

Swamp Ass occurs when your butt, specifically your crack, gets all hot & bothered. Crack sweat creates resistance, which creates discomfort, which inhibits your daily routine. Basically, it’s a sticky situation no one wants to be in – and we’re here to call attention to it once and for all.

Symptoms to Look Out For

  • Sweat dripping down your butt crack
  • Damp undergarments
  • Itching
  • Chafing
  • Foul smell

Top 5 tips on how to avoid Swamp Ass this Summer:

  1. Spend your day floating in the pool
  2. Seek shade under a palm tree
  3. Drink a banana smoothie to leave your worries behind
  4. Take an ice bath
  5. Just use some freakin’ Anti Monkey Butt Powder
Never Deal With
Swamp Ass Alone.

Raise awareness about this condition so that you can take back your summers in pride. Swamp Ass Awareness Day is officially June 21st each year. Kick off the summer in a flurry of Anti Monkey Butt Powdered relief. AMB has your back(side) when those sweaty days make their way to your nether region.