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It’s the best dang friction defense you’ll ever use. Period. So, whether you’re working, rucking, biking, running, building, firefighting, mountain climbing…when you’re working hard or playing hard and things are rubbing, we get it and we’ve got your butt.


Formulated with Calamine for soothing, healing relief without the burn.

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5-Star Brand Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    "Wow! No chaffing"

    "Anti Monkey Butts powder is amazing! It not only absorbs sweat but prevent chaffing/rubbing. It's a white powder that can be applied anywhere rubbing occurs. The powder is easy to apply and really helps between the legs especially. The only downside is that because it's a white powder, it can get a bit messy and get on your clothing but is easy to run away."


  • 5 Stars

    "Lady Monkey Butt"

    "Lady Anti-Monkey Butt Powder is the best when it comes to keeping me dry and chafe free! This product actually helps keep me dry and now my skin is less irritated. It also smells nice and is easy to apply! A little goes a long way unlike other powders. I highly recommend this product."


  • 5 Stars

    "Works Wonders!!"

    "I am on a fitness journey and I walk 10 miles minimum every day. I really put the miles in my shoes. My last pair of walking shoes I had to toss out. The smell made them unwearable after a few months. There is no odor or wetness now that I have been using this foot powder! I am so grateful and now I can save money!! Love love love this product!!"


  • 5 Stars

    "Perfect for summer!"

    "Like most ladies I have some thigh rub and it makes summer months frustrating and painful. I had my first 80’ day and tried AMB and life is officially changed! Used on my thighs with a dress to the zoo for 3 hours and I can’t recommend it enough. Now here’s the best part. My hubs is military and has terrible feet and all around chafing from 18 mile marches. I knew he wouldn’t use it with the pink bottle so I removed the label and offered it to him! He’s raving about it too!!"


  • 5 Stars

    "Works great"

    "If you have a smelly teen / preteen in your house you need this product. This foot power works great at absorbing moisture and gets rid of sticky foot odor. I sprinkle a little in my kids shoes after she wears them and the smell is gone a little while later. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone."


  • 5 Stars

    "No more burns"

    "I love how it goes on my thigh, it does not fell powdery at all. I have worn a skirt without any shorts and did not sweat or burn from the constant friction."


  • 5 Stars

    "Easy to apply!!"

    "I have used this for few times after my game. It helps to remove odor from my feet after lots of sweat and it make me fresh. It is very easy to apply and I would definitely recommend it to others."


  • 5 Stars

    "Love it"

    "I always have problems with my thighs rubbing and chafing. With this product I noticed a difference in the way my skin feels when walking."


  • 5 Stars

    "Best Foot Powder!"

    "I have tried so many different kinds of foot powders because I am a person who cannot bear to not have socks on. This is by far the absolute best one I have tried! Leaves your feel with a nice smell and soft."


Happy first day of summer aka the start of swamp a$$ season. ☀️ Don't worry, we've got your butt. 😎
Swamp a$$ doesn't stand a chance against AMB. ☀️
Summer heat is here. Time to fight SWAMP A$$ one bottle at a time!
Warm weather got you feeling swampy? We've got your butt. 🍑
Real recognizes real. Thanks for the shoutout @themanualguide. #AMB #AntiMonkeyButt
Meet AMB's Chafing Defense Stick, your new BFF for fighting friction. 💛
Help treat and prevent diaper rash with AMB Baby. 👶
Whatever you’re doin’, do it with AMB.
Stop chafing along the thigh, bra line, underarms, and more as the weather warms up ☀️ with our Anti Friction Chafing Stick.
Keep your baby happy and comfortable with AMB Baby Anti-Friction Powder.👶 
Formulated with Calamine for soothing, healing relief without the burn.
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Bring along superior friction defense

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