Anti-Chafing FAQs - Anti Monkey Butt

Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Anti Monkey Butt Powder is for adults conducting any butt-busting activity. It’s formulated with a cornstarch base, kaolin (for extra chafing protection), sodium bicarbonate (for fighting odor) and powdered calamine (for soothing). Minimal to no lasting scent once applied.

Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder is a sweat absorber and skin soother. It’s formulated with a cornstarch base, powdered calamine, tricalcium phosphate and a fresh, light fragrance. Unlike our Classic Powder, Lady AMB does not contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to help ensure it is safe for sensitive skin and use on all areas of the body.

Baby Anti Monkey Butt Powder is formulated for the littlest monkeys to help treat and prevent diaper rash. It’s formulated with a cornstarch base, powdered calamine and a baby fresh fragrance.

Anti Monkey Butt Foot Powder is the best triple action foot powder defense out there: it helps keep your feet dry and fresh, blister-free, and free of stinky odors.

No, these are two completely different compounds. Tricalcium Phosphate is a natural calcium salt that works in AMB formulas to help with absorption and prevent powder from caking. It has not been found to be toxic or harmful in any way.

Talcum Powder is a ground down form of Talc which is a natural mineral that often co-resides with Asbestos; which is why Talcum Powder has been found to be cancer causing.

No. AMB Powders are made with a anti-caking formula that should prevent caking. However, in extreme cases with excessive powder applied it is possible.

Anti Monkey Butt products are made in the USA.

During the filling process, powder is fluffier and takes up more space, then settles as a result of vibrations during shipment. Anti Monkey Butt is sold by weight, not volume so while the bottle may not appear full, you are receiving the amount of product that’s indicated on the packaging.

Yes. Calamine is pink in color and can leave a pink tint on a diaper.

Yes. There is no animal testing involved with Anti Monkey Butt products, especially not monkeys.