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Providing you and your family with helpful information to keep you free from some of life’s annoying skin irritations.

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The Benefits of Calamine

When the weather warms up, many of us head outdoors and get active. No matter what you are looking forward to doing, whether it be hiking, biking, motorcycling, gardening, or attending outdoor festivals, you want to stay comfortable while you are doing it.
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Monkeys in the Media

Twenty Two Words

Looking for some genius inventions every grown-up needs in their life? 22 Words has got you covered – check them out!

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The Manual

Embarrassing sweating in places you’d rather not mention? Don’t fret! The Manual is here to help.

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Calling all runners! Refinery29 gives some advice on how to stop chafing from ruining your runs (and your life!)

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Experts explain what causes butt sweat and recommend the best moisture-wicking products to help you stay dry from top to bottom.

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Foxy Boxes – a subscription service that creates custom boxes with gym essentials for fitness enthusiasts – included Anti Monkey Butt Powder in their boxes, and gym goers couldn’t get enough of the product.

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