Our Story - Anti Monkey Butt
Anti Monkey Butt Monkey

We are a Rare Breed

And, we’re not monkeying around! Anti Monkey Butt® was born from the desire to provide humankind with high quality products that help maximize the well-being and performance of those who work hard, play hard and for anyone who doesn't want to spend their day in discomfort.

Anti Monkey Butt Monkey

Our Story

Anti Monkey Butt Monkey Origin

The founders of Anti Monkey Butt® are a couple of guys, one a health care professional and the other, a heavy equipment operator/construction worker. Both being passionate, dedicated, dirt bike riders, they had tried a variety of products over the years to prevent “Monkey Butt.” None of the products on the market, however, lived up to their expectations for comfort, relief of soreness and availability.

In 2003, they decided to develop their own remedy to deal with the condition that had plagued them for years. After several months of testing different formulas, their development team found just the right combination of ingredients. They liked the results so much, that they decided to share their creation with the world, and hence the Anti Monkey Butt brand was born.

What Makes
Anti Monkey Butt
a Rare Breed?

Anti Monkey Butt Monkey Ingredients

Anti Monkey Butt products are a rare breed because they contain calamine. Our products are therapeutic, aid in healing, and last a long time once applied. If you have suffered from the soreness, itching and redness associated with chafing, then you know it can ruin your day. Our goal is to provide products that help to prevent “Monkey Butt” and skin irritations so you can enjoy your day in the jungle.


Powder Application Tips

Don’t you hate it when there is messy powder everywhere? Sort of like an avalanche occurred near the site of your application? Here are some tips to get the best effectiveness and keep you from leaving a trail behind when applying your Anti Monkey Butt Powder.

  1. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY DRY before you apply to your intended body part.
  2. Determine the area for application and shake a small amount, the size of a silver dollar, in the palm of your hand. You can always go back for more if needed. No powder bombs required….think how you sprinkle salt on your food, don’t overdo it!
  3. Gently rub the powder on the area of irritation or where you tend to sweat. If you have areas that get chafed or blister easily, consider strategically placing the powder. For instance, you can lightly coat the bottom of your feet if they sweat. If you want to get super strategic, turn your socks inside out, slip your hand inside of them, and then sprinkle a light trail across the sole of your socks. Then, carefully turn the socks right side in and voila, no mess! Now go ahead and just slide those puppies on.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is also great to use where your bra rubs, jeans chafe thighs, butt sweats or sports pads/safety equipment rubs against your skin.