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Baby Skin Care

Anti Monkey Butt® is a rare breed. We are born from the desire to provide humankind with high quality products that help maximize daily comfort and performance for all, especially your little monkey(s).

Parenting is the most challenging, YET, rewarding “tough job” out there. Here are some tips to keeping your little monkey happy and healthy, and you sane in the brain.

New Parents

If you are a new parent, or parent-to-be, you likely have a ton of questions when it comes to caring for your little monkey! There are so many new things to learn: feeding, diapering, bathing – seemingly simple activities that can be very stressful, even to the experienced parent!

Have no fear… all these things will become second nature to you in no time. There will be no shortage of advice when it comes to caring for your new baby, and many parents who have traveled the same path will have a “caring for baby” story that they are willing to share.

Your Baby’s Skin

When it comes to baby’s delicate skin, you may be wondering what the best way to care for it is. While baby’s skin is indeed delicate, most times it is easy to care for.


Keeping your baby’s skin clean and dry is your first priority. Washing with water, or gentle soap and water is generally sufficient. Most babies don’t need a bunch of extra products on their skin. One area that does sometimes need extra attention is the diaper area.

The diaper area is prone to skin irritation and rash. The warm, moist environment can cause diaper rash, as can food allergies and sensitivity to detergents, soaps and even diaper wipes. Keeping the area dry is the best way to avoid this.


Baby powder can help to keep the area dry. Anti Monkey Butt powder is different than most brands of baby powder. It contains calamine, an ingredient long known for its medicinal properties, and other ingredients that help cool and heal the skin, while keeping it dry.


The most important thing is not to overdo it. Avoid creating a “cloud” of powder that can irritate baby’s nose and throat. Dust the powder into your hand, not directly on baby. Apply the powder with your hand and then diaper as usual.

The Dreaded Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be a terrible experience for baby and parents alike. The red, raw and painful rash is terribly uncomfortable for baby, and leaves you, the parent, feeling helpless to provide relief. Many of the standard rash treatments are ineffective or take too long to work. When it comes to a diaper rash, the best medicine is prevention.

How to Prevent/Treat Diaper Rash

One of the best ways to prevent diaper rash is to limit the amount of time your baby’s skin is in contact with a wet diaper. Bacteria and skin irritation thrive in the warm, moist environment that a diaper provides. Some babies have more sensitive skin than others, and any irritation can prompt a rash.

Here are some ways to prevent and treat diaper rash:


Frequent changing. The longer baby sits in a wet diaper, the more likely he or she is to develop a rash. Just changing frequently, however, isn’t always enough.


Give the diaper area some air. Even with a dry diaper, the area is still subject to heat and moisture. Whenever possible, allow baby to go “diaperless” so that the skin can be exposed to fresh air, stay dry and be free of friction and irritation. Put down a waterproof mat to let baby “air out.”


Limit exposure to irritants. Baby wipes, soap, lotion and detergent can all create irritation for your little monkey. For the most part, plain water and a soft cloth is sufficient to clean baby’s skin. A baby has soft skin naturally, and it is rarely necessary to use lotion.


If your baby is prone to rashes, you will want to use a product such as Anti Monkey Butt Cream or Powder to both treat and prevent rash. Both products contain calamine, which keeps moisture away, reduces friction and soothes irritated skin. Anti Monkey Butt Cream has additional healing ingredients such as Allantoin (Comfrey Root), Calendula Flower Extract (Calendula Officinalis), Mineral Oil and Peruvian Balsam.


Remember, the best way to handle diaper rashes is to prevent them. Keep baby’s butt dry, limit irritating soaps and materials, and “air them out” out on a regular basis!

Always see your pediatrician or seek medical attention if the condition persists.

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