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Original Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Original Anti Monkey Butt Powder

What Is Monkey Butt?

It’s the soreness, itching and redness in the butt zone that’s caused by fabric, friction and sweat in the seat area. In 2003, a couple of dedicated dirt bike riders invented the Anti Monkey Butt Powder formula, which contains calamine and talc, to absorb sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation – ANYWHERE.

You can use Original Anti Monkey Butt to protect you from a multitude of skin irritations like blistering feet, between skin folds, where sports pads rub against your skin, etc. Great for any activity – from cycling, truck driving, horseback riding, hiking, attending festivals or any indoor/outdoor activity where you need to keep that swampy, monkey butt feeling from ruining your day. For application tips, click here

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Nov 6, 2018

Such relief
Man I use to get horrible butt juice from eatting junk good like Cheetos...but now I have no worries I use monkey butt and it absorbs that nasty butt juice and even kills the rank smell. On really bad days I use a popsicle stick stir monkey butt powder around in my crack n scoop the nasty stuff out ..best stuff ever made. I recommend it as a Xmas present for all family members.


Sep 7, 2018

To the complainers
All you guys complaining it isn't full are gonna be real disappointed when you buy a bag of chips for the first time


Aug 17, 2018

Monkey butt powder NOT available
Your powder IS NOT available at the stores you say it is...Wal Mart-NO,CVS-NO,Walgreens-NO.....NONONo......I really like this product but is seems to be unavailable !!!!!


Jun 5, 2018

Bottle half full
How about filling up the bottles a little more? Every container I buy is a half full or less. Unacceptable.

Rodeo Jim

May 4, 2018

Tight Wrangler Paradise
I’m a rodeo man. Some days it gets hot and chappy out ridin in my tight wranglers. I shoot some anti monkey butt down them puppies and I’m in heaven. I won’t get in another pair of sewn on wranglers without at least half a bottle of anti monkey butt. There’s no such thing as too much. I go front n back to get my wranglers fitting right all day at the rodeo.
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Talc, Calamine Powder, Fragrance.

Anti Monkey Butt® Anti Friction Powder is a rare breed because it contains calamine. It works to reduce sweat, chafing, and aids in healing.

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