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  • Where are Anti Monkey Butt products made?

  • What’s the difference between the three Anti Monkey Butt powders?

    • Original Anti Monkey Butt Anti Friction Powder uses talc, while the Baby and Lady powders use cornstarch as the main ingredient.

  • Can Anti Monkey Butt Powder be used on private parts?

    • Yes, however, women, infants and small children should use the corn starch formula, which is the ingredient contained in Lady and Baby Anti Monkey Butt Powders.

  • What is the difference between talc and cornstarch?

    • Both are excellent skin protectants. However, cornstarch is better for sensitive skin.

  • I’ve heard that talc has been linked to uterine cancer. Is it true?

    • Some sources have linked talc to uterine cancer; that is why we recommend that ladies and children use the corn starch formulas, the ingredient contained in Lady and Baby Anti Monkey Butt Powders.
  • My baby’s diaper has a pink tint in it after using Baby Anti Monkey Butt powder. Is this normal?

    • Yes. Calamine is pink in color and can leave a pink tint on a diaper.
  • I applied Anti Monkey Butt Diaper Rash Cream before I realized that the product had already expired, is this safe?

    • As with all products, we do not recommend using it past its expiration date. We recommend that you discontinue use of any expired product and seek medical attention if you have any health concerns.