Anti Monkey Butt FAQ

What is "monkey butt"?

It's a term used by motorcycle riders to describe the soreness, itching and redness that occurs when you ride and sweat on a motorcycle for hours.  If you have to walk bowlegged like a monkey to prevent your skin from rubbing, you have Monkey Butt!

Who gets it?

Anyone who works hard and plays hard - who participates in any activity that causes frictional skin irritation.

How can I prevent it?

Use Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  The powder contains talc or cornstarch which absorbs moisture.  The calamine is an anti-itch and anti-chafing powder that soothes irritated skin, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Hey! That sounds like me! Where can I get Anti Monkey Butt Powder?

We're glad you asked! You can either:



How much is shipping, when I buy Anti Monkey Butt from your website?

It is calculated at checkout.

Is there anything out there like Anti Monkey Butt Powder?

Only Anti Monkey Butt Powder contains calamine. Some medicated powders have menthol. If your skin is irritated, the menthol will burn, making you uncomfortable.

Do the people of Anti Monkey Butt Corporation actually ride anything?

The developers of Anti Monkey Butt Powder have 70 years of combined riding experience. This includes motorcycle riding, snowmobiling, 4-wheeling, heavy equipment operation, bicycle racing and horseback riding. After years of experience in the "saddle," we know Monkey Butt!

Hey, when I hold the bottle up to the light, it's 2/3 empty. What gives?

We sell Anti Monkey Butt Powder by weight, not by volume. We stand behind our 6oz Net WT claim on our label. During the filling process, our powder filler fills our bottles up to the top. As time passes, the air rises in the bottle and the powder settles at the bottom. This is a common occurrence with powder products. The large size of our bottles also makes this issue a little more noticeable. Rest assured, you are getting all of the product you paid for as guaranteed on the label.